Anything but what you expect

The German-American singer, songwriter and producer taught herself to play piano and guitar, she also graduated from the university of Munich – with a Masters in Musicology. But as a little girl BB’s life wasn’t easy at all: Born in New York, she moved to Germany at the age of 6. Years of physical and mental abuse forced BB to run away from home as a 16-year-old and from then on to be dependent on herself. She wasn’t scared at all, because everything was better then to stay with her family. At home she wasn’t allowed out of her room and was constantly told that the she was worth nothing, she should kill herself and that she couldn’t sing.

Her incredible vocal ability has already garnered comparisons with Beyonce and Ariana Grande, but she is a unique and charismatic artist in her own right, that offers much more than just a good voice and a pretty face. BB Thomaz worked as a model, loves fitness and music. She is a full-hearted artist with many different talents, which she combines in a unique and fascinating way to express herself as an artist and individual.

Her song „Don’t go missing“ was produced with the Grammy-nominated songwriter and producer Kyle K2 Stewart II (Fifth Harmony, Tamar Braxton, Fantasia) and received the german Rock & Pop Prize 2016. After that she made it into the Finals of The Voice of Germany, which allowed her to work with national and international artists such as Yvonne Catterfeld, Demi Lovato, Kelly Clarkson and Ed Sheeran. In 2019, BB took part in the Eurovision Song Contest pre-round for Germany with her song „Demons“. The tv show ‚Unser Song Für Israel‘ was watched bei 3.2 million people (ARD).

Her songs tell deep and meaningful stories about strength, healing, hope and emotional fights – not the right expression here I would say „survival“ instead – an emotional fight is when somebody fights with another person screaming and crying. BB Thomaz goes her own way with her very warm, optimistic and fun loving nature. Her song Fighter describes her determination to fight for her convictions and her vision perfectly.

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